Living Water

“Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said,
rivers of living water will flow from within them.”

John 7:38 (NIV)

A blog by Northside Church

Following The Suit

I would like to address some recent misery in ministry that I am wrestling with. I wanted to write this devotional as an encouragement and exhortation to any woman who has ever felt like she doesn’t have a voice in a male dominated society and church. I’m not here to “introduce egalitarianism.” I am simply here to re-iterate God’s intention that the Church and society would egalitarian. Women should be held in equal regard in our churches.
I hope that more churches will follow suit and not just follow “the suit.” [..]

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Answers and The Answerer

When did I ever get the idea that I’m supposed to have all the right answers before I come to God? It looks neater, cleaner and more organized, perhaps. And dare I say it, but maybe even because it looks wiser, more put together, more respectable. Compared with “I don’t know” – which looks messy, disorganized and haphazard. […]

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Seeing the Invisible

His Italian Mother named him Marco, after Mark the writer of the Gospel of Mark. She prayed that he would follow in the Evangelist’s footsteps and take the Gospel to far places. When Marco Polo was only 17 years of age, in the 13th Century, he began his epic travels which took him through the [...]

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I can’t carry the grace of yesterday into today, and I can’t bring today’s grace into tomorrow. Only today, a process in and of itself, until I look back and see my today is composed of a thousand yesterdays, all grace-filled and yet forgotten. […]

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When The Glory Moves, We Move

However – in the instance where the Egyptians were pursuing, the ocean was black and roaring ahead, and there seemed to be no way out – this is where God looks down and says go. Keep moving your feet, one small step at time. Now is the moment to warrior on, soldiers. The sea looks mighty, but head for it because I’ll part the way. I will take you to the Promised Land, but you must follow Me […]

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