Living Water

“Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said,
rivers of living water will flow from within them.”

John 7:38 (NIV)

A blog by Northside Church

Solomon’s Wisdom

The Queen of Sheba's visit to King Solomon takes place in 2 Chronicles chapter 9. She had heard of his wisdom and had come bearing gifts and questions to test his wisdom. According to the Bible, the Queen was so impressed by his wisdom that she ended up giving him wonderful gifts. There are many [...]

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Blueberry Pancakes and Brussel Sprouts

My friend just moved from our hometown of Vancouver all the way across the world to Italy. She packed up her clothes and her photos and her world, and is diligently building a life for herself there. It’s a strange thing, to have your best friend live a million miles away. Our whole lives were [...]

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Doubting Thomas

Everyone’s advice for writing is to “write about what you know.” Most of the time, that’s a good word – write about what you know so that the words feel real and raw, not like something you’d make up or buy pre-packaged from the grocery store. Here is what I know for sure right now: It’s cold, even though I can hear the sound of the artificial fire place, I really want to eat my grapes, and my water bottle is pink.

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Maddie and Emily

Emily Poirier (aged 22) and Maddie Low (aged 18) are two young adults girls who entered into a mentoring relationship a few years ago, when Emily was one year out of high school and Maddie was just entering Grade 8. Their relationship has remained strong throughout the years, and they offered us a peek at [...]

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