From Bethlehem’s soil comes Calvary’s sequoia. Seasons; The Peace Project (Hillsong Music)

It’s sunny outside today, which is a rare feat in the middle of December. We’ve had mostly wet and dark weather during the month of November, and the sun makes the world feel brighter. Everything feels lighter, more alive; is anyone interested in moving to Hawaii?

We liken the world that we live in to seasons; we compartmentalize all of our seasons and watch them as they shift through the months. We bring expectation with us into those seasons; the summer months are for warmth, sunshine, long days and Popsicles, the fall is for bright leaves and boots, and with the blend December comes that warm and cozy Christmas season. Full of glad tidings and spirit, it seems as though the world begins to celebrate in unison.

Except when your Christmas season is filled with grief, and heartache knocks on your door.

I wanted to acknowledge the not-so-cozy parts of Christmas; that for some, the season brings to mind everything that has been lost. It is not wrong to feel this way. It’s human.

How do we sit with this? When the world outside joyful and fairylit, but our insides and our outsides seem bruised, crushed, and brokenhearted?

2 Corinthians 12:9 , “For He said to me, my grace is sufficient for you; for my power is made perfect in weakness.”

If this Christmas season has you on the end of your rope, if you hear one more shopkeeper ring out a “Merry Christmas!” and it’s all you can do to keep from grimacing, remember – at the end of yourself, so comes God.

It may be the season outside does not match the season inside for you. Rest assured, God sees and hears you in it, and is promising you something better than what you’re in, something better than what you can imagine. For now, and for always, he’s offering himself as the remedy, himself as the gift, just as he did before, just as he continues to do.


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