Multi Cultural Ministry

Come on…Hang around a bit after service and grab your favorite beverage from the coffee bar, then relax. Slip into your socializing mode and nurture new friendships among a beautiful patchwork of skin colors. While getting to know people, you will  discover an endless array of cultural background and histories.

One of the best things about being a multi-ethnic church is diversity. Have you ever had the chance to experience the taste of different ethnic foods? If not, please join our hospitality group of people from all over the world. We all love to eat! The secret is to be invited and invite in return, then watch the opportunity snowball in front of you… (WARNING: may cause waistline expansion!!!)

Cultural Ministries at Northside…
We love to learn traditions and cultures from different parts of the world. We love people and how God created each of us uniquely. We love Jesus and we love to tell everyone about His love and forgiveness! We invite you to please come and explore our ministries. Join us in working together for the expansion of God’s kingdom!