If ever there were a person who had everything going for him, it was Lucifer, the Angel of Light, the “Morning Star”.

Lucifer as the Angel of Light

He wasn’t born like you and I were. Lucifer was created fully grown along with zillions of other angelic beings. At one time he was indescribably beautiful, but today is frightfully ugly. This powerful creature lives in our world, can take on different shapes, and pretend to be either male or female. His favorite costumes to wear are a friendly angel of light, or a scary roaring lion.

The story of Lucifer began a long time before our planet Earth existed. In an invisible realm, called “the heavens”, God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit, decided to create a species of creatures called angels. There were winged angels called Seraphim, Warrior angels, Servant angels and ruling Arch-angels, but the most holy of all angelic Beings were called Cherubim. There were five of them who lived around the throne of Mighty God. Lucifer was the leader of the other four.

Lucifer was exceptionally beautiful, very powerful, and held the honored privilege of being chief musician in the heavens. As the worship leader of all the other angels, the Morning Star began to think he was more important than even God himself.

There was a terrible rebellion in heaven.

The Lord was angry with him, and told him that self-love and pride had no place in his Kingdom. Lucifer, and the millions of angels who rebelled against God’s authority at that time, were kicked out of God’s holy presence. Because the war in heaven happened around the same time that Jesus was creating the Universe, including our Solar system, God decided that Lucifer and his rebellious followers could live on the newly formed planet, called Earth. He had another purpose for them, quite different from what their former assignments had been.

They were already here on Earth, when Jesus created our parents, Adam and Eve.
No longer would the former worship leader be called Lucifer. Now he would be called Satan, or the devil, which both mean adversary. He is also known as the dragon or the serpent. His millions of follower-angels are now called demons.

Satan in the Garden of Eden

In the Bible story, we first meet Satan in the lovely Garden called Eden.

Sometime after Adam was formed from the dust, he and his new bride, Eve, were sitting together talking, and looking at the colorful fruit-laden tree growing in the exact center of Eden. It was the only tree in the garden that Jesus had instructed them not to eat. He’d explained that the first of everything belonged exclusively to God.

Suddenly a beautiful angel appeared beside Adam and Eve. They’d never seen an angel before, but were not alarmed. After all, he did seem to be very friendly.

“Hi there!” the angel greeted the young newly-weds, “What are you two looking at?”

Eve was the first to respond. “Oh, we’re just admiring the delicious looking fruit on that tree over there in the center of our garden.”

“Mm…it does look tasty, doesn’t it? Have you tried the fruit yet? In my opinion, it’s the best in the entire garden!”

“No, we are not allowed to. Jesus has warned us that it’s the tree that belongs to God. If we even touch it, we’ll die. All the other fruit in the Garden is okay for us to eat, but not that one.” Eve smiled as she explained what she and Adam had been told.

Try it — you’ll like it!

And the “Shining One” grinned back at her. “I don’t like to say it, but I think God is holding back on you. He’s just trying to scare you. You won’t die! As a matter of fact, eating that tree will make you wise. Your eyes will be opened and you’ll understand things you never understood before! Go ahead, take a bite. Try it — you’ll like it!”

And, of course, that’s exactly what Eve, and then Adam, did. They knew it was wrong to disobey God, but they did it anyway. The sweet talking angel was actually the deceitful devil, wearing his favorite disguise. He’d tricked them, and our fore-parents fell into his web. As the ancient rhyme goes, “Jack fell down and broke his crown; and Jill came tumbling after.”

So why would God allow the fallen angel, Lucifer, and his demons to live among and test his precious children? Why didn’t he send him to hell where he belongs?

The answer is simple, but sometimes difficult to understand.

Opposition is good for us

The truth is that opposition is good for us! We grow strong by struggling in difficult situations. If life were too easy, it would be like lifting feathers. We’d never develop muscles by lifting feathers! We have to push against heavy weights to grow strong.

One day my dad and I were in our back yard and he pulled a cocoon from under a leaf. The caterpillar inside had woven a warm blanket around himself and our Creator had miraculously transformed him into a butterfly. Dad and I could see the Monarch butterfly wrapped in the cocoon, desperately trying to free itself.

I suggested to my dad that we help him get out by cutting the cocoon.

Dad said, “No son, the butterfly has to struggle, and as he does, the blood will be forced through his veins, and his wings will grow strong so he can fly. If we make it easy for him, and relieve him of his pain, his wings will never develop and he will die!”

As the Bible teaches, “Be happy when you encounter difficult situations, because the testing of our faith makes us strong.” James 1:2-3

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