“Help carry each other’s burdens. In this way,
you will follow Christ’s teachings.”

Galatians 6:2

The Caring Network is a Ministry of Presence, providing short-term care for the Northside Church Community facing the challenges of life. The Caring Network’s goal and hope is to offer comfort, love, support, and acceptance for those in difficult places so they can feel supported as they return to wellness emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

Our Guiding Principles:

  • Offer short-term care to those in need based on each person’s needs at the time
  • Provide confidential prayer support to those whom we serve
  • Respond to requests within 48 hours
  • Utilize our own individual gifts, talents, and life experiences to facilitate and personalize responses based on needs
  • Point people to Jesus by example through this process (Matthew 5:16)
  • Confidentiality is the foundation of our support


Ask us!

Deanna and Roxana

Ministry Co-Leaders


How do we connect with someone in the Caring Network?

Email or call Rose at the church 604 942 7711.

When should I contact The Caring Network?

Anyone from the Northside Church community can contact us at any time. We provide a compassionate, confidential, and hope-filled service to support people in our church. Maybe you are in crisis or struggling with physical, emotional or spiritual health needs. Perhaps you are just in a bit of a rut and need encouragement and support.
We have caring people who are ready to listen, encourage and speak hope over you. This is not a counselling service, but we can direct you to resources if necessary. When a call is requested, a team member will contact you.

How can I help?

Occasionally we are looking for people to support and love others with us. Apply here and when we are needing to grow our ministry we will contact you. Click on the form here:

Renovation Update

Renovations are coming to a close. Most of our amenities such as heating and bathrooms are fully functional and available. Finishing touches are still in process.

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