The Caring Network

The Caring Network is a Ministry of Presence, providing short-term care for the Northside Church Community facing the challenges of life.  The Caring Network Team’s goal and hope is to offer comfort, love, support and acceptance for those in difficult places so they can return to wellness emotionally, spiritually and physically.”

Our Guiding Principles:

  • Offer short-term care to those in need
  • Provide confidential prayer support
  • Respond to requests within 24 hours
  • Utilize our own individual gifts, talents and life experience to personalize responses
  • Lead people to Jesus by example through this process

Elizabeth Goddard,
Team Lead

Pastor Elizabeth is married to her husband Gary, they have one daughter Olivia and they live in Port Moody, BC.  Elizabeth and her family have called Northside home for the past 21 years, 20 of those years she has volunteered in Leadership at Northside. She has been the Pastor and Leader of The Caring Network since the ministry began in 2013. 

Elizabeth is a trained Hospital and Home Lay Chaplain which includes ministering in End of Life Care.  Elizabeth has a heart for people that are hurting and going through life challenges. Her personal and professional goal is to come alongside people who are enduring difficulties, so they know they’re not alone and better days will come again soon.

Deanna Jones

Deanna has been a part of the Northside family since 2010 and part of the Caring Network since 2017. She has been married over thirty years and has two grown boys. As a consultant she helps companies get the best out of their people – sometimes to help them develop a plan forward, sometimes to help them move through a change and sometimes to help their leadership team figure out how to lead more effectively. Mostly, Deanna really likes helping people and giving back to her community. Years ago she was blessed by the Caring Network and was inspired to do the same for others.

Connie Lee

Connie and her husband, along with their two children have been attending Northside since 2008. She has been volunteering as the little kids’ teacher and leading the Korean bible study fellowship after services.

Connie is currently working as a full time ITE (Infant Toddler Educator) at a daycare center.

In the midst of her growing desire to preach the gospel, she got in touch with the Caring Team back in 2013 and has been sharing the love of God to those in need.

Gail McKernan

Gail happened to drop by Northside when a Ring of Fire event was happening one Sunday night in 2016 and felt so inspired that she has been with our church ever since. She joined the Caring Network in early 2019 and is involved because it feels right to be a soft place for people to land when they need to feel loved and supported. Throughout her career, Gail has been passionate about creating positive change and helping to lift others up in their time of need.

Fran Topp

Fran has been a part of Northside church since the summer of 2018, and she joined the Caring Network in 2019.
Caring is in her nature. Fran has been a nurse at BC Cancer Vancouver for almost 25 years. In addition to being part of the wonderful Caring Network team, Fran can also be of help to Northside members who have questions and/or concerns about cancer and treatment. Navigating this world can often be overwhelming. She is happy to help to the best of her ability.

Marzena Radzimowski

Marzena heard Pastor Barry preaching at the Coquitlam Stadium in 2003 and has been a part of Northside Church ever since. She was involved in Sunday school for many years and served in the Coquitlam community teaching preschoolers, kindergarten students and college students for over 25 years. She is passionate about helping parents raise their children and students to overcome their challenges. She is a widow after 36 years of marriage, with two children and one son in law. She has been a part of the Caring Network helping others since 2019.

When she isn’t helping others she loves to travel, photography and painting.

Amy Shang

Amy is married with two teenagers. She works with young children at SD43. Her family has been a part of Northside for over 10 years. She has experienced the power of prayer personally numerous times and is excited to be involved in this ministry.

Roxana Smith

Roxana reaches out to the community every day through her work in pediatric dentistry. She is very passionate about loving and helping people and enjoys ministering to those around her on a daily basis. She has a servant heart and loves to visit and pray with others in their home or while in the hospital. She has volunteered in many different capacities over the years, in many different ministries. She has been part of the Caring Network since 2013 and has been loving and encouraging everyone since. Roxana is married with two teenage boys and when she isn’t volunteering she is spending time with her family.

Matthew 25: 35, 36

For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me,  I was naked and you clothed me, I was sick and you visited me, I was in prison and you came to me.’