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Joel Conti

Lead Pastor

Empowered: the book of Acts

Welcome to our “Empowered” sermon series, inspired by the Book of Acts. Discover the Holy Spirit’s transformative power that birthed the early church and continues to invigorate believers today.

Be inspired by the Upper Room’s divine encounter, igniting the church’s inception. Witness the Gospel’s mighty spread through faithful servants like Philip and the profound transformations of Saul and Cornelius.

Explore the Spirit’s hand in forging a united community, enriching it with spiritual gifts, and guiding its leaders. Stand firm in the face of adversity, drawing strength from the church’s resilient spirit and Paul’s unwavering faith.

Join us to rekindle the Holy Spirit’s flame within, fueling our collective mission and nurturing our growth as a Spirit-empowered congregation. Together, let’s live out the legacy of the early church, emboldened to overcome and thrive.

Renovation Update

Renovations are coming to a close. Most of our amenities such as heating and bathrooms are fully functional and available. Finishing touches are still in process.

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