If you’re anything like me, things aren’t fun unless they’re a little bit tangled. Forget happy, I like it when things are meant to be solved, when thoughts are puzzles, when pieces of life are a little bit confusing. I find it keeps me on my toes. Or maybe I get bored too easily (I’ve been told).

The danger, however, is that I can overcomplicate even the most simple. And everyone knows the best artists + writers + musicians are the ones who know how to make the complicated quite simple – I’ve been turning to the wrong leaves it seems.

I have this habit of translating this to my relationship with God. Making things more complicated than they need to be, dwelling on sins, fretting over the closeness of my relationship with him, wondering if I’m doing it wrong, (like it’s possible), checking my spiritual pulse, berating myself when I feel like I’m not measuring up to my own potential.

Anyone else?

And then, over tiny crackers and mini grape juices, Pastor Joel spoke out loud and clear on Sunday to remember the simple gospel. I breathed a little easier. Remember your salvation, I was reminded. Rest in it for longer than one minute.

It always come back to the tiny message of just be still. So easy in practice, much harder in theory, especially for someone who loves loud music and loud words and loud thoughts. But maybe the simplicity of the love of God is really what draws us straight to his heart. We insist on continuity in life, insist on it on our relationships and thoughts, when really it is never us who will be consist, but him. He brings the consistency that we can’t offer, and that surrender comes when we turn back again to the message of love.

So, today – you are his beloved. And so am I. It’s no more complicated, no more simple than that.

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