A few weeks ago, my 11 yr old daughter went on a school trip with her class and part of this trip included a hike. During the hike, my daughter was separated from the group and got lost. While lost, she tripped on a rock, fell down an embankment and slid out of control. She bumped into one tree, then hit another tree, and then managed to hug the second tree with all her strength. As she hung onto the tree, she could see that directly behind her was a huge drop-off, which would have killed her, if she fell. Horrified, I said, “wait, you almost died on your school trip?!”

Laughing to herself, she said, “Daddy, God was with me, I was praying, and I was saying my Bible verses…don’t worry, I was fine.” She then told me how she had to swing back around the tree, to hike back up the hill she fell down and eventually found her way back to her class.

I couldn’t believe it but then I remembered that God cares more about my daughter than I do. Thank you Jesus for protecting my daughter!”

~ Anonymous

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