I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.
3 John 1:4

Northside’s Kidszone.

Due to the pandemic, all children’s ministries had to get creative and be flexible as plans were changed, changed and changed again. We are keeping with that theme as our building undergoes renovations. Just know that though the structure and location might change a few times during the process of renovations, the gospel will still be preached, and the KidsZone and its volunteers will work to minister to the Kids at Northside and strengthen their walk of faith. We are currently running 3 classrooms inside each week, at both services.

The Nursery for Babies and Toddlers 3 years old and under.

There is also a couch to sit on and a TV that streams the service in the Nursery for nursing Moms.

The Age 4 to Grade 3 Classroom.

This age group is dropped off in the lower auditorium before the service. Parents can pick up their kids after the service in the main room.

The Grade 4 to 7 Classroom

This age group stays upstairs with their parents till the end of worship, then they meet in the Youth Room at the end of the hall downstairs. 


Ask me!

Megan Scotney

Kidszone Director


Where do I drop my child off?

First, you will need to check in your child and get their name tag at our check-in computers in the Lobby, then you can bring them downstairs to their classroom. Grades 4-7 stay with their parents during worship and then head down to the Youth Room at the end of the hall.

Do I need to bring anything?

No, you don’t have to bring anything. You can always send your child with a water bottle and their Bible, but if they forget their Bible or don’t have one, we have extras they can use. We try and encourage kids to leave their toys at home, so they aren’t distracted during the lesson, and we have lots of fun activities outside of the lesson.

How do I get involved in the KidsZone as a volunteer?

Start by emailing Megan our KidsZone Director at: and let her know what age group you’d like to volunteer with, and what service you’d prefer to volunteer at or if you’d like to volunteer at one of our during the week programs.

Do I need previous experience to volunteer in the KidsZone?

You don’t need previous experience to volunteer in the KidsZone, our classrooms are a great place for learn. All volunteers over 18 are required to complete a Criminal Record Check though, you can email for more information.

Can my child come if they are sick?

No, we are following BC health recommendations and encouraging adults and children to stay home if they are sick.

Do you offer child dedication?

Yes, we do. We don’t have designated weeks for baby dedications we schedule them at the parent’s request. If you would like to dedicate your child during a service at Northside please email Rose at:

What curriculum do you use?

The Wisdom and Wonder Curriculum is used for all age groups. If you’d like access to the curriculum, email Megan.

Get Connected as a Parent!

We believe parents have the main role in supporting a child’s spiritual development. We encourage parents to get involved in volunteering in the KidsZone and get connected to other parents who are also learning how to teach their kids about God.

Northside’s Parents Facebook Group

Living WELL

Is a group open for any age Mom, but specifically makes room for Moms with toddlers and babies. We understand it’s a challenging season for Moms to connect to small groups, while their kids are at this stage because they need a lot of care and supervision. Living WELL meets every Friday from 10-11am and provides child care for your little ones, so you can connect to other Moms and to God, as you go through a Bible Study together. For more information email or join the Facebook Group.

Living WELL Facebook Group

Rock Fridays

Rock Fridays is a Junior Youth Group (Grade 5-7) that meets in the church’s lower auditorium from 7:30pm-9:30pm every Friday.

This is an age group that has a lot of Questions and Rock Fridays makes room for those questions, as well as connection, community and practical activations, so the kids don’t just learn about God, but have a chance to put what they’re learning into practice. For more information email or follow us on Instagram.

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