Emily Poirier (aged 22) and Maddie Low (aged 18) are two young adults girls who entered into a mentoring relationship a few years ago, when Emily was one year out of high school and Maddie was just entering Grade 8. Their relationship has remained strong throughout the years, and they offered us a peek at the many benefits of mentorship, and how they have both grown and come to admire one another through this process. 


I have learned so much from Maddie, and one of the takeaways I’ve gained is really how to encourage others. She is such a good encourager and a natural evangelist! When someone is down she knows how to lift them up to Jesus.

Maddie has helped me grow immensely. She was one of my first girls to mentor. I have been Maddie’s mentor since she was in Grade 8 and I was freshly out of high school. We have both changed and grown so much over that time. To see her grow into this amazing woman of God has been a breath taking experience. To see her lead worship at youth, mentor the younger girls, and just be a light within the church is inspiring.

I have learned many things from being a leader. I truly believe now that iron sharpens iron. Spending time with Maddie has pushed me in my own faith. If I ever started falling through the cracks or growing distant my time with the Maddie brings me back. I have also learned about God’s many gifts that He gives us. Seeing how naturally Maddie takes on a leader role with the younger girls and how she has excelled in worship really exemplifies this.

Maddie and I have even started doing a devotional together. When we meet up to work on it, it isn’t just me mentoring Maddie. Maddie has a true heart for people, she really listens and helps me through things that I am struggling with as well. Walking away, I feel more encouraged, confident and God focused then I would have without her.

Once every few weeks Maddie and I try to get together and do something fun! I always look forward to and immensely value the time that we have together. We have a lot of common interests and it is so easy to have fun and enjoy my time with her; whether it is going on a hike or just grabbing coffee, it is something that I look forward to.

Mentoring is a special relationship. One of my mentors, Esther Nelson, has made a significant impact in my life. To have someone to turn to, who will always pray for you and be there for you is priceless. Maddie teaches me so many different things and I look up to her so much. The relationship is one that is very special to me.


There are no words to describe what Emily means to me. I love, admire and appreciate her so much. She has pretty much been my rock for the past four years, and has changed my life in the best way possible.

Emily has taught me so much about myself, who I want to be and demonstrated by her own actions how I want to go through the next stages of my life. She has helped me realize my worth and potential. She is my biggest role model. She words harder than anyone I know in all areas of her life, especially faith, and she doesn’t relent until she has reached her goal. I’ve learned so much from her and gain something from every conversation we have, but above all she is an amazing human being who inspires me just by living her life.

Emily has definitely helped shaped my growth. She showed me what areas of Christianity I gain the most from and connect with, which for me is worship. Now every morning I listen to worship songs to start off my day connecting with God the way I know best. Putting Him first in the morning is how I remind myself to put Him first the rest of my day.

Emily challenges me in a lot of ways. One of the main ways I’m challenged is through conversation. I have a tendency to avoid talking about my feelings, but she pushes me to actually voice my thoughts and analyze where they stem from. Although there’s still room for improvement in that area, I have changed so much from where I was four years ago. This is one of the most valuable takeaways I have from my mentor. It helps me deal with stress and self-consciousness and all the other things teenagers tend to deal with during their youth years!

Emily being my mentor is the best thing that came out of going to Northside’s youth group. Having a mentor gives you someone to believe in you. She believes in me even when understanding all of the mess and imperfections in my life. She listens carefully to my passions, goals, dreams, problems and is my biggest cheerleader in achieving them or overcoming them. She is a role model to me and what I want to be like in a few years. She helps me go deeper in my walk with Christ and gives me ways to put Him at the center of all that I do. She holds me accountable, and is constantly checking up on me. A mentor, especially one like Emily, makes you feel valued and cared for. She is always available when I need someone to talk to. I’ve texted or called her late into the night on those days when I needed just a little more encouragement and always comes away from our talks feeling better and at peace with whatever situation I brought to her that day.

Emily is way more than a mentor to me. I love spending time with her, whether it be a hike, a drive, or just grabbing coffee. She even took me grad dress shopping just a few months ago! I love involving her in my life and sharing things with her like stories, experiences, hopes, dreams (I know it’s super cheesy, but it’s true!) She will listen to anything; a rant about a teacher, a crush on a guy, fear of what’s going to happen once I actually have to leave high school, and she is the best person to talk about it with because not only can she provide insight and advice on the matter, but she understands me and talks to me like a best friend would (just with wiser words).

A mentor is someone who can provide you with trusted counsel, and Emily has helped me work through an endless amount of problems, whether they are big or small. She’s my go to girl and I trust her with everything.

I love Emily so much, and am so beyond grateful that God has placed her in my life!

“Two are better than one, because they have good reward for their labor. For if they fall, one will lift up his companion. But woe to him who is alone when he falls, for he has no one to help him up.” Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

Thank you both so much for sharing how this mentorship has impacted you! It’s so clear that God has been honoured in your mentorship. We love you guys!

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