I was snorkelling in Hawaii and my plan was to stay in shallow water, but somehow the current swept me into deeper and rougher water.  I tried to swim to some rocks that were about 8 feet away, but it was as if I was not moving at all.  I thought, okay, I’ll just float, the salty water will help keep me up, but no, I sank.  And I started swallowing water.  I struggled to the surface and briefly was able to shout for help, but no one came, and I thought, calmly, “so this is how my life ends.” And down I went again.

Then a beautiful woman in scuba gear rose up from under me, and gently lifted me to the surface of the water.  She moved me toward the shore and handed me to a different woman who somehow saw all of this and had waded into the water. She had long wavy blonde hair, and led me toward the shore, silently departing once I had my footing and could walk by myself to my towel.  Neither woman spoke to each other or to me.  When I turned to look, the scuba diver was gone, and the blonde woman had disappeared into a crowd of people (all of whom appeared oblivious to what had happened).

Was God looking out for me that day?

~ Gail

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