A podcast that seeks to create a community of individuals who are invited to explore faith, discuss spirituality and ask questions relevant in today’s world.

We will offend everyone by questioning everything and there is a good chance we may disagree from time to time! This podcast will waggishly wander through topics like an wounded deer in winter, but we assure you, there will be answers to questions you have and there will be questions to answers you have!

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Renovation Update

We want to let you know to expect the lobby and bathrooms to look like they're under construction on Sunday. The good news: we still have washrooms available! The bad news, women, there aren't mirrors available in ours. And both washrooms look like they've had people putting holes in the floor, ceiling, and walls!

Everything will be safe and as tidy as possible, and the service will go ahead as planned! And it's looking like Sunday's weather will be similar to last week--which means the auditorium will be quite comfortable.

Office hours: With the renovations in the lobby, our office is temporarily closed during the week. We are still working and meeting, just not predictably onsite. Call or email to set-up meetings or see who's around the offices!

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