Petros Network

Petros Network is an organization that believes in empowering and training indigenous leaders to plant churches in unreached villages. Its firm values in sustainability drive Petros Network to work alongside indigenous leaders to become strong, healthy and sufficient in their pastoral work in Ethiopia. Petros Network offers aid in the form of empowering women, protecting children, educating and training, feeding families, building character through sports, improving health, and providing clean water

This is how we change the world – with our hearts in our hands and our minds wide open. Northside church has been partnering with Petros Network since 2013, sponsoring over 200 church plants, who have in turn seen over 15,000 people become followers of Jesus. Working with Petros Network, we are prioritizing these impoverished nations that are “ripe for harvest” (John 4:35). Our primary focus is on church planting and training indigenous pastors.

At Northside, we believe in sharing the gospel municipally, nationally and globally.


Since Jesus is the only hope of the world, and because the best and most compelling expression of Jesus is the church planted in a community, our core missional convictions is to plant local churches in unreached villages throughout the developing world.


Since God places a high premium on reaching people who have never heard His Word, our core missional conviction is to preach the Gospel and plant churches only in unreached villages.


Since the Gospel is most effective when expressed in the language and customs of a local community, our core missional conviction is to plant indigenous church with the flavor of that culture and not our own.


Since collaborative effort among God’s people reflect His heart, honours His Word and expresses unity He desires in His family, our core missional conviction is to connect FIRST WORLD resources with THIRD WORLD practitioners to serve the indigenous church.


Since churches are healthiest when they are financially independent from their international partners, our core missional conviction is to plant churches that have both the conviction and the tools to become quickly sustainable.


Since Christians are not merely called to evangelism but to disciple-making, our core missional conviction is to plant churches that plant churches and to make disciples that make disciples.


Since the Kingdom of God is the truest and best catalyst for holistic transformation, our core missional conviction is to plant churches that become change agents in all aspects of community life.

Petros Network is a ministry that is close to the heart of Northside. Over the past few years, it has become more than a place to give – it has become part of the heart of our culture. The relationship developed between Northside and Petros has become familial, all because of a middle of the night dream to plant 40 new churches that Pastor Barry had in 2013.

“God told me he wanted me to give 100,000 dollars to Ethiopia, which was enough for 40 new churches,” Pastor Barry recounts. He sits in a brown leather chair, in an office that so clearly speaks of his love of Africa, with a slideshow of the people of Ethiopia in a digital frame and artistic touches like figurines of animals native to Africa decorating the space.

Down the coast in Oregon, Pastor Ray Noah had just inherited a vision to plant 10,000 churches in unreached villages of Ethiopia. God had spoken though – whispering to him not be afraid, but to trust Him to raise up pastors and church planters.

“It was funny, but no coincidence, how Ray Noah found us,” Pastor Barry smiles. “He had been watching one of my sermons online, but didn’t want to watch the whole thing, so he fast-forwarded it to the 22 minute mark – right as I was speaking about giving 100,000 dollars to forty churches in Ethiopia.”

And the rest, as they say, is history. Pastor Ray contacted Pastor Barry, and the match was perfect, pointing to the promise and the vision that God has given both of them separately.

“That was more than four years ago,” Pastor Barry says. “Today, we are in the process of raising money to plant more than fifty churches. $4000.00 Canadian dollars pays for a pastor for two years, which includes Bibles and housing. We don’t build the physical building of a church, but most of the time one is built. These pastors are sent into the unreached villages of Ethiopia.” He pauses. “Within two years there are an average of 80 new believers, and the young church is usually planting one or two more.”

Petros is on the ground, not building structures, but building and training pastors, to send them out to the unreached areas of Africa and spread the gospel to as many people as possible.

Giving financially is a way Northside exhorts and extends influence. Pastor Barry also travels to Africa every six months to teach the new pastors who are exuberant to be sharing the gospel with their own people.

It’s a relationship that has been built on God’s agenda, and one that clearly carries a strong message to people everywhere – that God’s plans are far bigger than our own, and on his agenda, more than what we dream of can be accomplished. 

We at Northside partner with Petros because we believe in their values, vision and mission statement. We believe in the work of global missions, and we believe in indigenous leadership. Our call is to make disciples. We believe that part of answering that call is working alongside those who reach into the dustiest portions of the world and in the ashes find God’s redemption.


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