Pizza with the Pastors is on March 10th after Sunday Service.


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Jen Wright

Executive Pastor

What is Pizza with the Pastors?

Whether you’re new to the community or looking to reconnect, Pizza with the Pastors is the perfect opportunity for you to meet the pastors and leaders of our church. This event is a chance to hear about the heart of our ministry and the vision for Northside, as well as to get to know other members of the community. Join us for an evening of fellowship and delicious pizza as we build connections and grow together. Don’t miss out – register at the link below! Registration is required.

Check out the FAQs section if you have any questions!

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Are children invited?

Yes. Children are invited to come for pizza and there will be some age-appropriate activities if they don’t want to sit for the whole time!

Will you have food options for people with dietary restrictions?

Yes. On the sign-up form there is space to let us know if you have any dietary restrictions we should know about.

How long is the event?

PwtP will be no more than an hour. We hope to start around 11:50ish.

Where is the event?

PwtP will take place in the Lower Auditorium. Go down the stairs in the main lobby and head to your right.

Will I have to talk in front of the whole group?

No. You will never be forced to talk in front of a group of people. We might ask for people to introduce themselves to their table, but we won’t make people talk in front of crowds if they aren’t comfortable.

How many people will be there?

We’re limiting the group size to 25 attendees + our pastors and leaders.

Renovation Update

Renovations are coming to a close. Most of our amenities such as heating and bathrooms are fully functional and available. Finishing touches are still in process.

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