Mom’s Counsel

I sat down, a few weeks ago, with five women to interview them about the challenges of being a mom. I was putting a Mother’s Day video presentation together to show at church from these women who’ve each successfully reared good children, and now are participating in the same process for their grandchildren.

When Much Is Too Much
Susan and I love buying gifts for our grandchildren. It's part of the fun of being grandparents. We don't have to do much disciplining; rather we get to indulge, and [...]
I spoke with a man the other day who was telling me about his father, who'd been controlling and abusive. Although the man I was speaking with, had tried to [...]
At our church, we've just congratulated dozens of kids who've successfully graduated to a new level of schooling. Moving into high school or university are huge jumps that bring our [...]
A Number On Every Head
My granddaughter made a very insightful observation this last weekend. She was staying with us while her mom and dad were away for a short vacation, and so Susan took [...]