Inner Peace

A while ago I received a letter from a friend who was going through a tough season. He wrote: “I don’t know what it is that I’m going through. Maybe it was kicked off by a serious bout with the flu that I had a few months ago when I actually entertained thoughts about dying.

The Power of Generosity

A few months ago Susan and I had a very memorable trip to the mall. On each of our grandchildren’s birthdays, we celebrate by taking them out alone to any restaurant they choose, and then to the mall to pick out a gift. We set a limit on how much they can spend, but it’s enough for a tasty treat and a special gift.


I just received my newest book back from the printers. Although I’ve never given birth to a real baby, I think there’s some similarities between child-birth and publishing. It’s very fun and energizing at the beginning of the process, it is exhausting and painful during the months of pregnancy, but ultimately exhilarating when the new baby finally arrives!

I’m Embarrassed

Sometimes I get very embarrassed! When I see a segment on TV depicting the Christian church, I often cringe. There are three scenarios that come to mind. One is when a pastor or priest really messes up and does something either very stupid, or very sinful. I cover my head with my hands and say, “Oh God, forgive us for our gross failures – we are indeed a sorry lot!”

Why Should We Go To Church? Part 3
Over the past 2 weeks I've written about the top ten reasons that everyone should attend church regularly. To conclude why we should faithfully participate in a local church, here [...]