The Secret of Happiness

Farmer Brown was enjoying a quiet rest in his home when he heard loud arguing outside. He went to his backyard and stood back a bit to listen. It was his sheep (I called him Shawn), cow (Cassie) and apple tree (Annie) verbally debating who was the best.

Giving- It’s More Blessed to Give

There’s an interesting principle in the Bible that most people, even those unfamiliar with Jesus’ teachings, know. “It’s more blessed to give than to receive.” The simple statement is illustrated with several stories Jesus told of both stingy and generous people; and the net results of each attitude.

Giving is Like Planting Daffodils

This week, Susan and I planted our tulips, hyacinth and daffodil bulbs. Before the freezing weather of winter sets in we carefully dug the soil of our front gardens and placed hundreds of bulbs. They will sit quietly, six inches underground throughout late fall and winter and in early March will poke their little green shoots of new life through the surface.

To Give or Not To Give; That Is the Question

The whole concept of giving, including thanksgiving and forgiving, is central to the Christian worldview. We should live for others and not for ourselves. The arrows should point outward rather than inward.

Walking the Line

Last week, I began writing about two seemingly contradicting verses in the Bible. One says, Bear one anothers burdens and thereby fulfill the law of Christ, and the other says, For each one will bear his own load. I began to explain, by using the Capilano Suspension Bridge as an example, how the two attitudes are both necessary; but they work in tension with each other like the two anchors on each side of the Capilano Canyon.