The Joy of Giving

One of the most special Christmas gifts that I received this year probably cost only several cents. A single lady, who has barely enough money to put food on the table for her children, had lovingly wrapped up a few chocolates and a candy cane; decorated the package with a coloured ribbon and drew a happy face on the little card.

The Master’s Touch

This true story presses home the heart of Christmas to me—see if it does for you also. The incident took place over a hundred years ago in a large European Cathedral. Susan and I had the privilege of visiting some such edifices this past summer. On one of those tours, we got to hear the magnificent sounds of an organ recital.

Herod the Great

He murdered his wife, executed his sons, attempted to kill Jesus, had numerous affairs with both men and women and attempted suicide twice—yet history calls him a great ruler—who was he? Every character in the Bible narrative has been included for a purpose.

There are dozens of good English translations of the Bible. I was brought up reading the King James Bible which was translated into Shakespearean-type English in 1611. Since then, there [...]
Christmas Gifts
For me, finding the right gift for someone is the hardest part of Christmas. It's relatively easy to go to The Bay and buy a blender for my wife, or [...]