Kingdom of God

I Love The Study Of Names

I love the study of names and truly believe that our names carry weight and influence in our lives. It is my conviction that every word, including names of people and places in the Bible has meaning to the reader I’ve studied several of them and have drawn my conclusions from what I’ve discovered.


One day, when I was about 8 years old, our family of eight was visiting my dad’s mom and dad on their five-acre hobby farm. We’d often take the hour long drive to grandpa’s and grandma’s after church on Sunday, to play on the farm and eat dinner together.

What Does 2011 Promise?

Over the past couple of weeks, as 2010 fades into history, and 2011 looms before us, I’ve been thinking about what happened to young Mary on that first Christmas—the impossible became possible!

Nothing Is Impossible

“Nothing is impossible if you believe!”Have you heard that bigger than life claim before? Maybe from a high powered motivational speaker? Or from a positive thinking guru? Well, we don’t have to think very long before we realize that it is just not true that nothing is impossible.

I’m Pregnant

Susan and I will always remember our Christmas of 1997. Our two daughters and their husbands were in our living room to celebrate Jesus’ birthday. After our annual tradition of reading the Christmas story, lighting the center candle and thanking God for his goodness and love for our family, we went around the room opening presents.