When A Child Dies
I was reading in the paper, a while ago, about a couple who were in the airport in line waiting for their flight to leave. As they were talking to [...]
When Someone We Love, Dies
When my dad died a while ago, I wrote a children's book called, "Where's Grandpa?" It is an adaption of this simple parable of waterbugs and dragon flies by Doris [...]
A Living Will – Video
Over the last couple of weeks I've been writing about the importance of preparing for our final departure. Of course many of us will not know ahead of time when [...]
Dying Well #3 – Preparing a Will
Following up on the necessary preparations we must make before we die, one of our most important responsibilities is to prepare a will. Unfortunately, most deceased persons have neglected to [...]
“If I should die before I wake”
The stories of the deaths of Bible characters, whom we've come to respect, give insight into how Easterners see the dying process. We in North America tend to sanitize death— [...]