Spiritual Development

History of the Twelve Steps
Imagine a child with a kite on a string, flying freely in the breezy blue sky The kite is two hundred feet above the little boy's head, waving wonderfully in [...]
Life Mission
A wise king wrote about how we, as parents, can influence our sons and daughters toward a purposeful adulthood. Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are [...]
Words Like Light
Last week I wrote about the devastation that an untrue, or badly timed word can cause. I referred to the Bible-writer, James', metaphors. He compared the words we use to [...]
My wife, Susan, is an avid farmer. She was actually raised as a city girl and we've lived in the suburbs all of our lives, but lately she's taken up [...]
Three Little Pigs
Last week I wrote about a couple of ancient rhymes that had deeper meaning than most people recognize. Both Humpty Dumpty and Jack & Jill are rooted in the Bible [...]