A podcast is an audio file similar to a radio broadcast, which can be downloaded via the internet and listened to on a computer, mp3 player, mobile phone, etc. Podcasts also allow users to subscribe to a feed to receive new files automatically. For us, it enables you to receive the ‘Sermon of the Week’ files automatically, every time a new sermon is posted.

Sermon Podcast
Northside Church has made the ‘Sermon of the Week’ podcast available to help you get the sermons as soon as they are made available. The podcast is the quickest and easiest way to get the ‘Sermon of the Week’ if you are a regular sermon downloader.

The Front Desk
The front desk is a segment that was born out of conversations from a regular people with a heart for God and His love. It will cover anything from life, to faith, to ministry. For the skeptic, and we exist to bring glory to God through conversation.

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