Barry BuzzaIt’s my daughter’s birthday today, and these happy occasions give me a special opportunity to fulfill one of my fatherly responsibilities – to bless my children.


To bless a person simply means to speak well of them, but there is more than simple words involved in blessing a person. There is something that happens in the invisible realm. We’ve all experienced the invisible power behind words at one point in our lives or another.

“Honey, I’m so proud of you.”

“You did an excellent job of that drawing, I think you’ve got the makings of an artist!”

“I’m so glad that you’re my son. You are a special gift of God to our family!”

Or in contrast:

“You have got to be the sloppiest kid in your whole school -just look at your bedroom!”

“You might as well give up in your dream of going to university – you’ve got the brains of a monkey!”

“I’m preparing myself now, because it looks like you’re headed down the same pathway as your loser, alcoholic uncle.”

When I was growing up, each of us six kids in our family, had responsibilities around the house. One of them was that we each had a night of the week when we had to do the dinner dishes and clean the kitchen. For some reason, I never minded my KP duties, and I remember working really hard to make every bit of chrome shine before I was finished. I can still hear my mom and dad encouraging me from the adjoining room where they were enjoying that after dinner tea. “Barry, are you still in that kitchen working” You’re the best kitchen cleaner in the whole world!” When I heard those words, I’d double check the taps and fridge handle to make sure they sparkled! My mom died 33 years ago this month, but I’m still polishing the kitchen counters and sinks, because her words of blessing carry an invisible power far beyond her years.

There’s a phenomena in nature that relates to the power of blessing. It’s called induction, and works like this. Say there are B.C. Hydro high tension wires running near your home and you are walking underneath them. Then you stretch out a copper wire under, and parallel to the high tension wires. When die wire you are holding is parallel to the wires above, power will jump from the power lines into the unattached metal rod or wire below. It can be enough power to seriously burn, or even kill you.

When I heard about that principle of electricity I finally understood how the power of blessings works. When my words line up parallel to the thoughts and words of the power of the universe, then God’s authority fills my words, and they carry a huge invisible weight. It becomes more than positive speaking of nice talk – my words actually link up with the words of our Creator.

So in the card Susan and I gave to our daughter on her twenty-sixth birthday, we blessed her liberally. I also blessed her as I prayed over the birthday meal our family shared. The part that amazed me was not the simple words I wrote and spoke, but that my words carried the authority of the Shepherd of our daughter’s soul.


Originally published in the Tri-City News newspaper in Barry Buzza’s “Pastor’s Perspective” column.


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